Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking of hiring us to provide customized design and manufacturing of an ASME code or non code vessel, you may have some questions about how our products, process or service work. This is a list of some common questions that people ask us. If for some reason you don’t see an answer to a question you have, please call us at (717) 597-1868.

Question 1: What is your fabrication lead times?
Answer: Our typical lead times are in the 6-8 week range for medium size projects.

Question 2: What is your size limitations?
Answer: We can fabricate tanks up to 10 Ft. in Diameter and up to 20,000 lbs.

Question 3: How long has Pressure-Tech Inc. been in business?
Answer: Pressure-Tech was established in 1997. Management has many years pressure vessel experience prior to that.

Question 4: Who are some of your major customers?
Answer: Pressure-Tech works with many Corporations, Engineering firms, Tank houses and direct customers.

Question 5: Are your welders certified?
Answer: Yes. Our welders are certified to ASME Section IX for Pressure Vessels and AWS D1.1 for structural and miscellaneous metal fabrications.

Question 6: Do you create shop drawings for customer approval?
Answer: Yes. Shop drawings for all projects are created and submitted to the customer for approval before fabrication begins.

Question 7: What is your painting/Lining capabilities?
Answer: We do small Priming/Painting jobs in-house. We also have several companies that we work with that specialize in Abrasive Blasting, Painting and Lining.

Question 8: What materials do you work with?
Answer: We fabricate from commercial quality and Pressure Vessel Quality carbon Steel, as well as, 304L/316L. Stainless Steel.

Question 9: Do you have a quality Control System?
Answer: Yes. We currently hold ASME Section VIII Div. 1 “U” Stamp for Pressure Vessels, that requires an in-house quality control system.

Question 10: Do you perform Repairs and Alterations to Pressure Vessels?
Answer: We also currently hold a National Board Inspection Code “R” Stamp for Repair and Alterations. However, these are limited to repairs and alterations at our shop only. We do not perform any field work.